Confidence to Lead

 Lead in Love & Work with

Clarity, Curiosity & Community 

As a psychologist and leadership coach, I am passionate about helping you close the Confidence Gap so you can lead confidently in your most important roles.

I've worked with thousands of women who want to take action, but they don't know where to start. As an expert on the psychology of leadership, I have created an evidence-based leadership journey designed to help you cultivate the mindsets, skills and daily actions required to lead confidently in love and work.

CONFIDENCE TO LEAD is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Transforms your vision of yourself as a leader prepared to lead now
2. Provides a framework to clarify purpose so you can pursue what matters and forget about the rest 
3. Builds a secure foundation of self-care you'll actually do 
4. Empowers you with a thriving community of like-minded leaders so you never have to lead alone
5. Encourages the integration of your most important roles while rejecting unrealistic expectations

So if you’re ready to finally lead with confidence while avoiding feeling overwhelmed, depleted or alone

I Hope You'll Join Me On This Journey:

Module 1

Lead with Clarity by Pursuing What Matters

Break through disillusionment and overwhelm by clarifying what matters most with the Pursue What Matters Process, a unique purpose-driven framework designed to align daily actions with your most important values so you never live your life out of your in-box again. 

Module Highlights:

Module 1 introduces the 3 Keys of Leading with Clarity to ensure you are progressing on your Leadership Journey 

  • Key 1 - Meaning & Pursue What Matters Process for goal setting
  • Key 2 - Resilience to face the challenges along your path 
  • Key 3 - Presence to resist twisting turns that distract you from your journey
Module 2

Lead with Curiosity by Cultivating Self-Awareness

Overcome distress and detachment by committing to self-care that you'll actually do. By becoming curious about your own experience, you can better lead yourself and others, and you'll have a lot more energy-not to mention joy-along your journey. 

Module Highlights:

Module 2 introduces SECURE FOUNDATION, a comprehensive self-care program designed to help you thrive and progress on your leadership journey 

  • Thrive on your journey with the 6 non-negotiables of self-care and self-awareness
  • Progress on your journey with self-reflection and self-leadership
  • Get out of your own way with detailed resources that help you banish blocks, shift mindsets and challenge hidden beliefs
Module 3

Lead with Community by Communicating Compassion and Supporting Creativity

Resist distrust, the illusion of control and the plague of perfectionism by embracing vulnerability and trust in your relationships. Module 3 includes two parts, building a community and leading a community. Building is focused on helping you build a powerful community of peer leaders so you are never alone in your leadership. Leading is primarily focused on leading others and the psychology of leadership skills required to establish psychological safety at work. 

Module Highlights:

Module 3 introduces the 3 components of community required to build and lead powerful communities and winning cultures. 

  • Compassion: We See You. Self-compassion, Compassion for others, and Boundaries as the foundation for effective relationships
  • Communication: We Hear You. LISTEN to establish psychological safety and powerful teams
  • Creativity: We Believe In You. Trust, Accountability, and Growth for teams to innovate and reach their potential

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Confidence to Lead Guaranteed

Confidence to Lead is the premier evidence-based leadership program designed to help you close the Confidence Gap so you can lead with confidence.

I have NO doubt that as you make the commitment, take action and do the work along your leadership journey that your confidence to lead will grow by leaps and bounds. I've outlined the path for you and I'm with you every step of the way.

If, however, after 30 days of jumping into the program, you aren't feeling more confident and motivated in your ability to lead, simply reach out to us at [email protected] and show us you've done the work and we'll refund your investment.

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