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We are a community committed to reaching the summit of eating recovery

We believe thriving in eating recovery is possible and is most likely to be achieved within a community that provides ongoing education, accountability and encouragement. 

Regardless of where we are on our path, we are committed to reaching the summit of recovery. Though the climb can be challenging, we are strengthened as we climb together.



We must be resilient and diligent in every stage of our climb 

We recognize that eating recovery includes Steep Climbs, Hills & Valleys, and Grand Vistas. We are committed to addressing the unique challenges inherent to every stage of eating recovery. 

Through it all, we keep our eyes on the summit and our feet on the trail. 


Summit is guided by eating recovery experts

Dr. Melissa Smith & Dr. Anna Packard are Psychologists and Certified Eating Disorder Specialists. Through our education, expertise and experience helping thousands of women, we know what's required to achieve recovery and to thrive in life. 

Summit grew out of our experience working extensively at all levels of eating disorder treatment. We recognize that despite receiving expert care, most women need ongoing education, accountability and community to sustain progress.

We are passionate about this work and we believe Summit meets an important need for thriving in recovery. 



Summit is a dynamic online membership community

An interactive recovery-focused structure that includes education, accountability & community 

Week 1 Summit Masterclass- taught by experts on a range of core eating recovery topics

Week 2 Live Q+A- online, interactive group call to integrate the month's learning & propel growth

Week 3 Summit Map- a comprehensive downloadable, printable resource based on the monthly Summit Masterclass topic with step by step information to calibrate efforts, focus priorities & move forward with resilience

Week 4 Accountability Call- online, interactive group call focused on the skills, mindsets & daily actions needed to strengthen resilience, break through barriers & increase accountability

Hiker Register- Personal accountability  throughout each month to ensure progress

Private Moderated Facebook Community- Gathering place to communicate, connect & collaborate around recovery-focused themes

Summit Guides- Eating Recovery experts will teach & guide you throughout each month

Are you ready to hike

with us?


How do you know if Summit is right for you?

Summit is a good fit for you if:

  • You are willing to carry your own backpack:
    • you own your progress
    • you have new summits you want to climb and you’re ready to move on in your life
    • you hold yourself and others accountable
  • You already have tools in your backpack:
    • you have benefited from eating recovery treatment and are actively progressing
    • you have successfully implemented skills, recommendations and structure from professionals related to eating recovery
    • you're highly motivated to reach the summit of eating recovery
  • You recognize the most meaningful summits are never reached alone: 
    • you can benefit from a supportive community committed to eating recovery
    • you respect that everyone is hiking their own hike. You respect boundaries and you're a supportive community member
    • you can benefit from more education, tools, structure and community
    • you can benefit from the wisdom and insight of your fellow travelers and you are willing to share your own

Summit is not a good fit for you right now if: 

  • You cannot carry your own backpack:
    • you're in need of a higher level of care for eating concerns 
    • you have behaviors that are chaotic or difficult to manage
    • you're in need of active weight restoration
    • you're actively suicidal
    • you need a very structured treatment team
    • you're medically unstable 
  • You need to carry someone else’s backpack:
    • you carry others' burdens for them
    • you struggle to create and maintain boundaries with others
  • You struggle to consistently prioritize self-care
  • You need someone else to carry your backpack:
    • you have difficulty with self-reflection and insight
    • you struggle to take accountability for your progress 
    • you rely on others for constant direction

We know you have summits to climb...

We are here to help you reach the summit of eating recovery so you can climb other summits in your life. We know you have many more summits to climb to live your best life, including meaningful dreams, challenges and purposes that drive you. 

We know your success with eating recovery is essential for your future climbs and what you learn along this trail will strengthen you and others. 

We are inspired by you and we believe in you.