If you're ready to thrive, consider this your invitation. This fun and engaging course is now open!

It's your time to thrive, despite stress!


 Could this be you?

  • Struggle to prioritize self-care & stress management
  • Barely holding it together
  • Difficulty prioritizing competing demands
  • Wonder if you have what it takes to be successful
  • Depleted by trying to balance the demands of home & work
  • Overwhelmed by the challenges of big goals
  • Considering a work or career change
  • Stuck in a rut at work or home 

Why this course?

Understanding the truth about stress can shift your mindset and actions, resulting in greater health and well-being

What does this course do?

This course helps you protect yourself from stress overload while harnessing the powerful positive effects of stress in your life

When do I complete this course?

The course is designed to be flexible and fit into the life you live today with short video lessons and workbook that help you take practical action in just a few minutes at a time

What will I learn?


Identify your beliefs about stress and how these beliefs may be undermining your confidence


Learn the truth about stress, including the role of stress in your life, the impact of stress on your body, and how it can be both protective and destructive


Change your relationship to stress through practical actions you can take consistently to protect yourself from stress overload while harnessing the powerful positive effects of stress in your life 

Stress Points to Purpose

Learn the truth about stress and take actionable steps to overcome overwhelm. In ten short lessons that fit in the life you live today, you can kick your stress stories to the curb while developing coping strategies you'll actually use. 


Meet Dr. Melissa Smith

Melissa H. Smith, PhD, MBA
Licensed Psychologist, Leadership Coach, and Student of Life

Working at the intersection of business and psychology, Dr. Melissa Smith is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations break through barriers and reach their leadership potential. As a Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Smith is dedicated to helping individuals thrive in both love and work and is the host of the podcast Pursue What Matters.


Pay in full

Enroll today for only $159, and have instant access to your online course, Stress is Not the Problem. Learn the skills to thrive!


Split in 2 payments 

Split the enrollment fee into 2 monthly payments of just $79.50. Stress is inevitable, but you can learn to thrive despite stress. 


Rewrite your stress story

I get it, why would you invest in a course that requires time when one of your biggest challenges is not enough time? Sounds stressful! You are trying to hold it together at home, keep ahead of never-ending demands at work, and somehow find time for yourself. 

But what if you do have time to pursue what matters without feeling depleted? What if stress can actually propel your growth and give you time for what matters most?

When you don’t understand the truth about stress, you stay stuck in it. But when you begin to challenge your stress story, you are on the path to greater happiness and well-being. For real!

This is why my new course, Stress is Not the Problem, is for you. As a leadership coach and psychologist, I help others just like you challenge stress stories and take practical action to cope effectively all while achieving great success.