Thriving in Life & Work: 7 Leadership Survival Skills


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As a Leadership Coach, Licensed Psychologist and expert on business fundamentals, I work with leaders like you every day facing the challenges of leading through uncertainty. 

You're committed to your family, your work and those you lead. They are looking to you for guidance, which is why you need a strong foundation of resilience, self-care, and coping skills in place. 

This is exactly why I developed the Thriving in Life & Work: 7 Leadership Survival Skills Workshop Course. I know you're busy and you have a lot competing for your attention, so I designed the workshop course with the essential 7 Survival Skills you need to thrive in your life and leadership.

There is no fluff in this workshop course! For a one-time fee of $149 you get a comprehensive video workshop course outlining each survival skill in detail. Whether you want to learn about all 7 skills at once, focus on 1 skill at a time, or review specific skills to cement learning, this workshop course is designed with your needs in mind. Included with the workshop course is an excellent Survival Skills Workbook to deepen and extend your application of the survival skills. These foundational skills ensure you can hold yourself and those you lead together and thrive in the face of uncertainty.  

In This Workshop Course



7 Leadership Survival Skills

To strengthen and enhance resilience so you can cope effectively, clarify purpose and lead with confidence in the face of uncertainty


Others look to you for reassurance, direction & leadership 

As as leader, you've got to put your oxygen mask on first if you are to help those you lead. As you incorporate the 7 leadership survival skills your entire team benefits, both at home and at work. 


Leading through Uncertainty 

You've proven you can lead, but the emotional demands of leadership increase exponentially in times of uncertainty. The 7 leadership survival skills ensure you can lead with resilience, meet demands proactively and support those you lead effectively.


How the 7 Survival Skills will strengthen you & those you lead

The 7 leadership survival skills focus on what you need to lead confidently now. These skills help you simplify routines, give and receive support without micro-managing, take decisive action despite fear, engage in effective self-care, examine the stories in your head, slow down so you can clarify purpose, prioritize sleep, and strengthen resilience through the foundation of spirituality


"Anyone who leads must first cultivate self-awareness in the service of self-leadership. If we are not willing to first lead ourselves, it becomes incredibly difficult to lead others despite our best efforts."

Melissa Smith, PhD, MBA
Leadership Coach

Now is the time to strengthen your resilience

The world has never needed resilient leaders more than it does right now. Leaders who can teach resilience because they live it every day. You've already shown you can lead, and Thriving in Life & Work: 7 Leadership Survival Skills Workshop Course will help you thrive as you lead through uncertainty.

Others are looking to you for guidance, reassurance and direction. Thriving in Life & Work: 7 Leadership Survival Skills Workshop Course will strengthen your ability to cope effectively, clarify purpose and lead with confidence. 

Now is the perfect time to reinforce resilience skills so you and those you lead can thrive in the face of uncertainty. 

Predictability is an antidote to stress

Steadiness is found within and is a function of effective skill-building

Proactive self-care brings self-efficacy & calm to chaos

Self-compassion facilitates resilience

This workshop course is based on the best of psychology and leadership research. The skills provide structure, practical skills, and education to deepen and strengthen every day coping and leadership capabilities.